contributing to better health

NiPPharma's goal is to contribute to human health by development of new combinations of approved active ingredients.

Establishment of NiPPharma

On Nomember 13, 2012, NiPPharma was established with the CliniPro as its parent organization. We hope that our selection and concentration on business brought by this organization will improve the competitiveness of our products. We appreciate your continuing support for the guidance and counseling than ever before.

Shin-ichi Ono, NiPParma CEO

NiPPharma has addressed dry powder inhaler (DPI) .We have established advanced blending techniques which are suitable to DPI production.

NiPPharma's technology covers a device, strip and dry powder for inhalation. We hope that high quality and convenience will be provided for users.

[Patent] Blending

  • 5087182
    (registered on September 14, 2012)
  • Other 5 patents (pending)